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In the past two to three decades you can see this trend of the Christian church copying the business world. Why not, it is to be expected. So many churches are made up of business people, it is what they know, how they operate, what they bring to the table. As church going types ourselves we hold no ill will to this history, but we are not terribly pleased that it has become the norm or the tradition. What we have noticed though in recent years, that we find fascinating, is that the business world is totally replicating the practices of the church. Strange because you often hear about from secular business world how outdated and slow the church is (which is very well is in many cases).

We came up with the concept of sticky sheep by observing church behavior and marketing behavior. Sheep obviously have significance as symbol within the church, but for many of us, we don’t realize how nasty messy sheep get and how stuff sticks to them they just walk around with it.

who is your audience & how are they gathered?

The deeper we looked at the practices, history, lessons of a church, the more we start seeing the connection in marketing. From sticky marketing ideas to a gathering of flock, the two ideas just seem to merge together in this fabulous messiness that we are sure business people and/or church folks do not want to admit to.

Although, we are a huge fan of many of the current hot marketing topics, we also believe that many of these topics have been around for thousands of years. We hope to provide context and parallels between biblical events and current marketing trends.

We hope you will enjoy this ride with us as we explore marketing through a different set of eyes.

-John & -Gavin

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