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Pontificating the Church as Flash Mob

Was reading this article the other day about a church in Savannah organizing a flash mob. [Not sure what a flash mob is?] My first intro to the flash mob phenom is through the folks at Improv Everywhere, they are the best at organizing crowds for impact. Seriously, if you can get one of your stunts replicated in primetime television then you are getting noticed. They take chances, change up the look of their tactics, go big & go small, have some traditional events to build on, etc. it is pretty amazing the stuff they have pulled off.

Back to church flash mob. As I’m prone to say a number of things cynical about this effort, here goes

  • It’s like 3-4 years to old to start copying. I really hope they are not angling to make this another viral video
  • The whole “we need a Christian version of {insert cultural fad of the moment}” practice just gets me ill in so many ways. Yes, there are niche markets, but why we have to constantly create this category on everything is gross.
  • Why is a newspaper picking up on a flash mob? Doesn’t that go against the ethos of a flash mob & its apparent spontaneity? Improv Everywhere can advert because there are a few million other people in New York City that won’t see their site or read the news to know. I’m guessing a smaller city of Savannah will have a lot more spectators than participants. Note: there are other flash mobs organized that have been adverted before. I take this argument to those as well.
  • By making it totally rehearsed you loose an energy. I remember this Oprah example of using the lead of a few to build the masses. Now that is something to take peoples day off script and get them to follow you.

But there is one thing I’m pretty excited about that surround this effort that makes is stick for me.

They are really pooling from the community: We’ve seen that in the marketplace that bringing together a community of people has power (call it flash mob or social gatherings) and these church folks are branching out past their own church to include a larger portion of the Christian community. I give them credit for trying, that is more than many are doing. I hope it goes well and I’m sure it will be on youtube. To add, I’m going to guess that part of the community benefit for this is not so much the un-flash mob dance, but the practice time & relationship building that goes into. Ala, journey is actually more a benefit than the end.

So in thinking, what projects or activities can you get your community into? How can you make it special?

BTW: probably my favorite flash mob on youtube is a this ninja fight. Gotta love ninja’s fighting.

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