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Branding like the church makes Sense

Branding like the church makes Sense

I’ve been reading one of my latest impulse book buys. “Brand Sense: Sensory Secrets Behind the Stuff We Buy” by Martin Lindstrom. It’s basically a book talking about the importance of integrating the many senses into a branding of a company/product etc. This interested me because I know that for many people the church has the potential for a rich environment. In setting up and leading many contemplative worship experiences over the past decade I … Read entire article »

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Seth Godin discusses Tribes

Seth Godin discusses the idea of Tribes and creating movement, in this Ted Talk video. Godin says that mass marketing requires “average ideas” and lots of money. Tribes work with movements from “true believers”, not masses. “Tribes are everywhere”, says Godin. Tribes are not new, whether it’s your church or your community. However, because of the internet it’s easier to find your Tribe and your connections. * The Beatles did not invent teenagers, they just moved them. What is your movement? If you are trying to create a movement, ask yourself the following questions: Who are you upsetting? Who are you connecting? Who are you leading? … Read entire article »

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Are your ideas Made to Stick?

Are your ideas Made to Stick?

Chip Heath discusses how to make ideas stick in this video. Why do certain urban legends stick in the back of our minds? Why do some ideas survive? Why did the iPod become THE mp3 player of choice for everyone? All questions that Chip Heath and his brother, Dan, discuss in their 2007 book “Made to Stick”. Have you read “Made to Stick“? What are your thoughts? … Read entire article »

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