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What is the Best Ever Social Media Campaign?

Forbes has one of my favorite kind of articles, the picture kind, chronicling the “best ever social media campaigns.” A few of the campaigns I was surprised to see in their list, most likely because social media stuff is very much hitting into niche markets and demographics (rarely is it a one message fits all kind of thing). I was happy to see the Old Spice guy on there. This guy/campaign has totally made my wearing of Old Spice a legitimate thing. No longer do people say things like “You smell like my grandfather” (which my wife is guilty of when we first started dating 8 some years ago). I’m somewhat trendy & hip, which I do believe I enjoy.

What are your favorite social media campaigns? Feel like one on the list is bogus?

What do you think is the common thread within these successful campaigns?

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  • Jeff Revilla

    I watched the Old Spice campaign unfold live at work one day. I was blown away at the level of interaction and how they took over YouTube. It was bold, intense and really taught us something new about engaging our audience

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